Get Your Guard Card and Start Your Security Guard Career Now

Do you feel interested in becoming a security guard? Well, as you might have known, a security guard is in a high demand these days. Lots of individuals and business operators in California feel the need to hire a security guard to protect their assets and properties. Protecting assets and properties is getting more important lately due to the fact that current economic condition has motivated people to do crimes. If an asset or a property is not protected, it can be easily compromised or even burglarized. Thankfully, there are many security guards offering their services so that individuals and business operators can easily find a security guard for their assets or property.

Security Guard Career

However, because clients always expect to receive the best services from their security guards, you will need to have an excellent qualification if you want to be employed. Basically, to have an excellent qualification, you should have a guard card. This guard card is issued the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services to applicants who have met the requirements. In order to be eligible to apply for a guard card, you need to take a California Guard Card Course. This course is a pre licensing course that takes place in 8 hours. People will learn about Powers to Arrest during the pre-licensing course. In this case, you can take a course at one of certified training facilities in your area or take an online course. What you need to consider when taking an online course is to make sure that you take a course that is administered by reputable guard course providers.

In order to increase your chance to get your desired security guard career, you had better complete all required training. According to California BSIS, people should complete 16 hours mandatory training within 30 days after their first post and another 16 hours mandatory training within the first six months. Meaning to say, if you have completed all 40 hours training, you are more than qualified to be a security guard in California. However, even though your security guard license is valid for 2 years, it does not mean that you are free from denial or suspension. One thing that can cause a license denial or suspension is failure to pay taxes. If you fail to pay your taxes, you are at a risk of losing your security guard license. Therefore, if you feel interested in becoming a security guard in California, you had better find comprehensive information about security guard card.

Creating a School Team Outfit

If you are in charge of creating a team outfit for your school, then it is a good idea to take a look at these suggestions. There are a lot of different choices around now from suppliers such as Sports Wear International, but many people are going to be on the hunt for lower prices. If you decide to get teamwear at a discount, then it is important to make sure that you take a look at the following suggestions which may help you make the best decision.

Making the Outfit Yourself

A lot of schools may decide to turn this into a home economics project. It usually won’t take long if there are a lot of people working on a set of clothing at once, so this is something that is not only going to save money, but time as well.

Alternatively, particularly for primary schools, a lot of parents may volunteer to make the team outfits themselves. When doing this, it is important that everyone follows a specific design. It is also a good idea to get the measurements of everyone who is going to be wearing a specific set of clothes. This will ensure that everyone on the team has teamwear that is going to fit them properly during the game.


The style of the school team is going to be up to the person in charge, but a lot of the time it is a good idea to let everyone who attends the school have some kind of input. A great way of getting different designs is for the school to launch a teamwear design competition. Students will be able to work on the project and then offer up their designs. You could then offer the student in question a prize of some kind.

These are just a couple of suggestions that you can use if you are looking to create original school teamwear. These are also quite cheap options. Getting volunteers to make the uniform is also going to mean that the teamwear will be of good quality. Always remember to create a couple of extra back-ups as well to ensure that everyone on the team has something to wear.